My ends are straight :(

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So, I have decided to put away my flat iron ((1 month ago)) and cut off 2 that wouldn't curl. However I still have ends that are straight! It seems like no matter how much I cut, the ends I am left with are still straight. My hair is really in good condition, so it seems. No split ends and very moisturized. I am getting deep treatments every 1-2 weeks.
I have been plunking, scrunching---you name it and no luck:sad1:
I just want to know if any of you have experienced this and what you did to correct it??
I am currently using Mop C poo, Suave Coconut Condish, [buylink=]AG Recoil[/buylink] and Curl Keep oh and the curl ease towel.


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    I haven't personally experienced this, but from reading other hair forums it sounds like you have heat damage. There is nothing you can do revitalize heat damaged hair. Most ladies get frustrated and cut the damaged ends. You mentioned that you already cut your hair once? You may need to cut off another inch? :sad5:
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    I had my weave taken out on Saturday. My ends were also straight. At that time, trimmed a few inches off. I will trim some more in the near future.

    I feel your pain......

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