Knots on single strands of hair?!

Is this normal? its like these little knots on one strands and i dont think i can get them out so im leaving them alone. Ive only found a few though. Im growing my hair out so i dont want to cut, would it be ok to wait until i get to my desired length then go to a curly stylist and then get a cut? My hair texture is 3c.


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    I used to get those a lot. Trim those individual strands just above the knot. The knotted hairs can cause tangles and breakage if you leave them. Increase the amount of moisture you are putting on your hair and if you aren't already sealing your hair with oil, you may want to start. It has done wonders for my hair.
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    Every time I've had knots it was because I was having moisture problems. I would trim the knots out and tweek my conditioning moisture routine.
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    This makes sense, so all i need is a better moisturizing routine. Thanks you guys.=)