Crisis averted!

This morning I ran out of gel.


I hadn't realized this until I got out of the shower. My hair felt nice and moisturized already, but I ended up cowashing and conditioning anyway. I tried to rinse it all out but it still gave me that feeling of having some in; I think my hair was just really moisturized.

I got out of the shower and put my hair in a psuedo-plop- really just drying it with a t-shirt- before realizing I hadn't put in gel. So I grab the gel, and a pea-sized amount squirts out while I stand there in horror.

I scrunch in whatever I can to the front part of my hair, then decide to scrunch the rest of my hair. I dry as normal (more psuedo-plopping and air drying.)


I actually had one of the best hair days I've had in a while. My curls weren't as curly as I was used to and the back had no definition whatsoever, but my hair was very shiny and soft and I had a lot less frizz than I've been having lately.

My hair surprises me sometimes.
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    Emergency hair situations so often end with good results. There must be a name for that phenomenon but I don't know what it is.

    But guaranteed: you will never be able to repeat those good results. (I hope you do, but if history is any gauge, it's unlikely.)

    You could always pretend to be out of gel and see if you can fool your hair into behaving as it did today....
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    YOU RAN OUT OF GEL :shock: that could never happen to this PJ. :laughing6:

    You're right though totally unpredictable our hair is, sometimes the days I put LESS effort into it seem to be the best ones...
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