Guilty about straightening my hair every now and then? lol.

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Hello. I have naturally curly hair, but I admit..I've been straightening my hair lately. Bleh. I just can't get used to my curly hair, because it doesn't freakin cooperate! It's annoying! lol. My hair is like 3a. It looks puffy and boring, but I want it to look like this

But the main point of me posting this is, should I just suck it up and let my naturally curly hair show, and stop straightening? Because I LOVE my curly hair, cuz I"m the only girl that has naturally curly hair that's white at my school, and just period. lol. My hair looks amazing straight, but it's such a hassle, and I don't feel true to myself, ya know? So should I stay a CG?


  • DraakjeDraakje Posts: 161Registered Users
    Maybe your hair is misbehaving because you are damaging it by straightening it?

    Just a thought.

    Post your routine, maybe we can help with suggestions. Full-on CG might not work for everybody, but there are more then one stages between CG and not-CG.
    2c? 3a? Mostly coarse, but LOVIN' the proteins and fighting overconditioning! My hair is just plain weird :glasses1:

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    I'm modified CG and even though I don't follow CG strictly, I believe it has helped my hair a lot. I used to straighten my hair all the time, or straighten it then use a curling iron or flat iron to give me waves. Now, I tend to let my hair do the natural thing and straighten maybe once or twice a month. I actually straightened my hair today and curled it and it's a lot more shiny that it used to be when I would straighten my hair before.

    Give yourself a chance to get used to your hair's natural texture. Maybe getting a curly haircut may also help.
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    hey jomar! HAHA.

    I posted something along these lines too. i ALWAYS straighten my hair because i feel like its actually less maintenance to keep it str8 than curly- even tho my hair is naturally curly. My curls never cooperate the way they should and i end with a big poof cause my hair is just way too thick and i have toooo much hair, so my hair never just lays when its curly... IT GROWS! But i am gonna try a more modified CG than str8 CG because i need to set up realistic goals! Ask questions on this site and get all the feedback you can. everyone on this site is like you or were like you so they are gonna try and help! i been getting tons of help with my scary hair that is soo damaged from the flat iron. i gotta try the CG in order to get my hair back to looking good! But i'm sure that if my curls looked better, i would keep it curly more often, and i'm sure its the same with u. just try out some stuff and see what works!
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