how do you style your hair?

I need tips. I also need to put some pics but don't have a camera and am lazy. My hair is a mix of 3a/3b and I want to know your routine because I'm wondering what is the deal with my hair. I just got the DM products and am wondering if I'm not putting them in my hair right or if I am putting too much/ using all of them at the same time is like product overload.

I got...

honey and aloe gel
coco curly butter
twist and lock
leave in

I also used the [buylink=]KCCC[/buylink] in the morning along with AO island naturals but I rinsed all that out because I used the DM leave in conditioner.

my hair is not very defined more wavy and long not too frizzy but I notice if I don't pull it half up it goes away from my head to the sides.

this is too much work and I'm getting really frustrated!! :banghead:

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