I'm new to this site and I'm VERY impressed!!! It ROCKS. Hopefully some of you have a suggestion for me. I used to have curly ringlets that were pretty manageable and easy. All I would do is use some gel and diffuse and I'd be good to go. But now my hair is oh so different!!! My curls are not complete ringlets anymore they are kind of all over the place with no real form. Maybe my hair is in bad condition or maybe it is all the bad haircuts that I have had...I don't know. All I know is I want my hair back to the way it was!!! Does anyone have any suggestions...PLEASE? Do I need a new cut...any ideas of what I should do with that? Do I need different products? Would a perm or something like that help jump start my hair get back to "normal?" Any advice or ideas is greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!!!


  • curlsAboundcurlsAbound Posts: 246Registered Users Curl Novice
    How about a deep conditioning treatment? Oh, and are you using CG products?
    2b/3a in Vancouver, Canada
    loving my own homemade Satsuma scented agave spiked FSG
    faithful to Aubrey Organics Mandarin Magic Moisturizing Gelly
    also the combo of Satsuma scented AOMM and Biolage Gelée
    Desert Essences Coconut shampoo and conditioner

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    For $$$$ off at, use this linked code: DEY827

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