Really new to wavy hair

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My hair used to be straight. Then about about a year ago, it started being wavy. I kept blowing it straight because I had no idea what to do with it wavy.

Now I'd like to encourage the wave but have no idea where to start. For the most part it frizzes if I let it air dry (and I thought I had oily hair!) I've been using shampoos & cond for dry hair and that seems to help with the wave definition somewhat.

I live in a region of hard water too. I just bought my first diffuser and have no idea what to do with it. I have bra band length layered hair and the shorter layered pieces in the front seem to want to be much straighter than the rest. I would classify my hair as a 2A but maybe with proper products, I might have 2B.

I'm 28 years old! I've never had to mess with my hair before! Help!
2A or 2B, haven't pinned that down yet.
Midback length
In desperate need of my 1st curly cut!


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    There is so much info here that it is hard to sort through, right? :lol:

    I found this for you. If you scroll down to the very bottom, I posted some links on how to use a diffuser. Maybe that'll help a little?

    Sorry I can be of more help, but feel free to PM me or post if you have any more questions. I'm not an expert by any means, but I like helping people IF I can. Plus the other curlies here are great!!! This site has been amazing.

    Edit: I found this about hard water:
    2b, low porosity, high density, fine, loves protein
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    Thank you so much for those links! I esp. like the one about diffusing.

    I'm meeting up tonight with a gf of mine who has 3b curls.... going to pick her brain! But I'd still appreciate any tips y'all might have for me.

    2A or 2B, haven't pinned that down yet.
    Midback length
    In desperate need of my 1st curly cut!

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