Better to use Aphogee or K-pac

I have been using Aphogee liquid treatment (the one that gets super crunchy) with success, about every 6-8 weeks before I go to the salon. I am almost out, so I was thinking of trying something different, if its worth it.

Do you think it is better to do the K-pac (sally gvp version) every 2 weeks or keep doing the aphogee every 6 weeks? or is it all relative and about the same.

the aphogee is kind of time consuming/smelly/runny, but since I only to it occasionally, I can tolerate it.
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    I don't know anything about k-pac. I know a lot of people on long hair boards us it.

    Aphogee also makes a protein conditioner that's nice called Intensive Kertain reconstructor. I bought a bottle for 8 bucks for a 16 oz bottle a year ago and still using it. I don't think it's as strong as the treatment stuff, but maybe using it more frequently? It's not runny or messy, smells like coconuts. I use it as a mini DT every now and then, or if I run out of conditioner.

    Another alternative is Nexxus makes a protein treatment as well that you can buy in department stores. I've heard it's 2nd best to aphoggee. I've used it. It was good. Expensive but a little goes a long way. Messy though.

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