Recs for Deep Conditioner and Leave-In rop

Currently what is everyone loving? I'm looking for cone free and low to no protein, since I do separate protein treatments. I have been using Regis Mask, but I worry it has too much protein, so I am searching for something equally as thick, that can be used for deep treatments. I'm contemplating the Giovanni Smooth as Silk or Biolage Conditioning balm, although I am not sure how thick these are.

I may try the Giovanni Direct Leave-In or the Yes to Cucumbers leave-in.

Any other recs I should consider? Lustrasilk?

thanks everyone! I really appreciate it. There are so many products out there. :wink:
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    Lustrasilk has become popular all of a sudden. It's cheap too. I just bought some last night and plan to use it this weekend.
    Giovanni Direct leave-in, from what I've heard, might have too much protein.
    I've been eyeing the Yes to Cucumbers leave-in as well. It seems like some people here like it.
    That's right, I said it! I wear scrunchies!!

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