Is it still embracing curly/wavy hair if...

Before I tried going CG, I used to always use my flat iron to make loose curls and waves. I figured since I was wearing my hair wavy, though not entirely natural, I might as well see what I could do with my hair without having to use heat styling tools. Even though CG products have improved my hair, it's definitely not the exactly the same as when I used to heat style it. Is it still embracing curly/wavy hair if you blow dry your hair fairly straight but, then use a curling iron or flat iron to make curls and waves?
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    Well... I think that's entirely up to the individual. :) I don't think being naturally curly or naturally straight is somehow inherently preferable to roller curls or flat ironed hair. It's a matter of taste I guess. I vote for whatever makes you authentically happy. :)

    That said, I know some girls who blow straight and/or put in curlers as a way to avoid dealing with negative feelings about themselves. I don't think that's healthy, nor do I feel as though that's "embracing curls and waves." But that sort of thing is not exclusive to hair styles. ;) And self-esteem's a process for some people I suppose.

    And don't think I'm accusing you of low self esteem! LOL! Not at all. If you just prefer the results you get with drying and using a flat iron, go for it - I'd just make sure you're using protective products so you don't damage your hair of course. ;) Before I got the hang of CG, it was taking so long that I sometimes pined for the days where I just ran the iron through it all. ;)


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