Giving In

The last time I dyed my hair was at the beginning of November right before going CG. I did that only because the sun had lightened my hair so much that it was quite a contrast between my natural color and my roots. (My avatar pic is the color the sun turned my hair. My natural color is a dark, dirty blond.)

But the color I went with has completely faded out so now I have 4 inches of regrowth and really brassy ends.

I'm giving in and dyeing my hair. I can't take it anymore. Let's just pray that the color doesn't completely wreck my curls. I was hoping to just let everything grow out but I'm looking a bit ridiculous.

Any rec's on repairing hair after dyeing?


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    All I can say is give it 48-72 hours before you do anything with your hair after you dye it. Then, I would go gentle...CO wash and moisturize heavy DT's for a week though. Just make sure it gets a lot of moisture from your conditioner/leave-ins for awhile.
    I'm no expert, but those are a few things I've heard.
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    I don't dye my hair, but you might go check out the board about coloring hair. :) I hear glycerin is problematic on dyed hair, but like Boomy, I donno for sure. ;)


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