2 good sales - CJ and Curlmart

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Curl Junkie:
Starting today (1/30/09), we have our thick, rich, [buylink=http://www.curlmart.com/Curl-Junkie-Curl-Assurance-Aloe-Fix-Hair-Styling-Gel-p-941.html?utm_source=naturallycurly.com&utm_medium=text-link&utm_content=curltalk-post-text&utm_campaign=Curl-Junkie-Curl-Assurance-Aloe-Fix-Hair-Styling-Gel]Curl Assurance Aloe Fix[/buylink] Styling Gel on sale for $18 (originally $22 retail) and the wonderfully detangling [buylink=http://www.curlmart.com/Curl-Junkie-Curl-Assurance-Leave-in-Conditioner-p-936.html?utm_source=naturallycurly.com&utm_medium=text-link&utm_content=curltalk-post-text&utm_campaign=Curl-Junkie-Curl-Assurance-Leave-In-Conditioner]Curl Assurance Leave-in Conditioner[/buylink] for $16 (originally $20 retail). These two complement each other well or are great for use separately.

Curlmart - today only 1/30
Today, save 15% on your
CurlMart purchase*!

Use promotion code HAPPY09

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Playing with my hair is a hobby. Fluffy, fine natural 4a. Goal= Healthy, beautiful hair that retains its length.
Hear that crash? It's me falling off the CG wagon.


  • CurlyLinZeeCurlyLinZee Posts: 462Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Oh sure, so I ordered from CurlMart yesterday! :sad8:
    ~ CurlyLinZee
    Hair type: 2c/3a ii, medium/coarse, desert hair
    Cleansers: CJ Daily Fix
    Conditioners: CJ Beauticurls Argan Oil, Tresemme
    Leave-In Conditioners: CJ BCLI
    Deep Conditioners: CJ Curl Rehab, CJ Deep Fix, SS DDMT
    Holding Gels: CJ Curl Queen
    Pomade: Jane Carter N&S
    Hair Likes: agave nectar, oils of any kind

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