Straightening Hair while Practicing CG??

I wasn't sure whether to post this on the Straightening/Relaxing board or here..but does anyone straighten their hair maybe once a month while also practicing CG?
Do you recommend just CO-washing if you are going to flat-iron your hair? Does anyone have any advice??
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    I've only straightened once, but I do like having the option on the rare occasion that I feel like messing with it.

    I cowashed before, blow dried and flat ironed it... Left it straight for 2-3 days, and then shampooed with a sulfate poo when it was time to was again. The heat protectant that I use has 'cones in it, so I really didn't have much choice with the sulfate 'poo. There might be some heat protectants out there that are cone free, but I couldn't find them locally when I was trying to straighten.

    Still, my hair did fine. A sulfate every now and again isn't going to kill your hair.
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    I was researching some heat protectant products also because every once in a while I do like to straighten or even make my hair wavy (wave different from my natural wave) which requires using heat damaging tools. Last time I used just a heat protectant but, I think next time I'll use a heat protectant and coconut oil for moisture.

    The slightly soluble silicone that's in some of the products below is Amodimethicone. Some have experienced minimial buildup with it which was easy to remove with a cowash and some avoid it like the plague. It's pretty much up to you and how you feel about the results and if you do end up experiencing build up. Here's a list of heat protectants I know of so far:
    • Abba Pure Thermal Protect Spray
    • Aveda Brilliant Damage Control
    • Giovanni Vitapro Fusion Leave-In Hair Treatment
    • Hask Placenta Straight Solution
    • Sedu Volumizing Heat Protecting Boost
    • Sunsilk Thermashine Detangling Shine Spray (1 slightly water soluble silicone)
    • Tresemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Protective Spray (1 water soluble silicone, 1 slightly water soluble silicone)
    Hope this helps!

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