Jessicurl products issue/question

Hi everybody!!

This is kind of lengthy but detailed. I really need advice.

I've been CG for about 2 weeks. I just got Jessicurl's (JC) [buylink=]Rockin Ringlets[/buylink], Curl Conscious and the Aloeba Daily condish. I'm a 3a, sometimes 3b (on a good day). My hair is between my shoulders and BSL and layered.

My routine before JC was Burt Bee's Super Shiny condish to cowash and co, some [buylink=]Deva Angell[/buylink] and Aussie Sunshine Gel. All CG. My hair was great! I clarified with ACV about 1-2 times a week.

Ever the product junkie, I was excited to try the JC! Yesterday, I used the [buylink=]Aloeba[/buylink] and partially rinsed, applied the RR (2 puddles) on WET hair, combed through, scrunched with a mf towel and applied 1 puddle of the CC. It came out flat and felt gross.

I tried again today. I cowashed with Burt's this morning, co with [buylink=]Aloeba[/buylink] and rinsed it ALL out, applied 1 puddle of RR and half a puddle CC using the same method and it's still flat now but feels better. I still feel some product though.

I'd rather have full curls that feel clean then these flat ones. Right now I can see so much space between my curls, which I don't like. I like them to look full. Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you so much for advice in advance.



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