loving my new shower filter!

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I really love my new shower filter!

anyone else have a shower filter? What changes did you notice in your hair before/after?


I only took one shower in it so far so it's not soon enough to tell if it makes a difference in my hair ... but my skin is definitely loving it ... less redness all over.


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    Do you mind me asking what brand you got and how you're liking it so far? I've been trying to convince DH that we really need one but he's just not going along with it :banghead:. However, I'm pretty persistent so I haven't given up trying to convince him just yet :smile:
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    I have a shower filter too. I do agree that it makes a difference in the skin and hair. My skin felt more slippery and my hair felt less unruly (mineral buildup?) when I first got it. :thumbright: I've had mine for several months now so I don't know if I'm due for a replacement of parts or something.
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    I got this one:

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    it is a little more expensive than the other filters I looked at, but I picked it because it removes minerals in addition to removing the chlorine (most of the ones I looked at only removed chlorine) ... and because it's prettier :)

    I am really happy with it so far. Hair feels softer and my skin is a lot less irritated.
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    Hey--that is nice looking. I have an Aquasauna--been filtering for years. Definite improvement. I run all of the water through mine, even when I take a bath. It takes longer to fill the tub, but it doesn't STINK like chlorine.

    The water in my town, unfiltered, is gross!

    I just ordered a new filter for mine. But when that is gone, I might switch over to the Sunflower. I like the shower head on that one! Very nice!
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