Another dandruff post... GTTTT?

Back when I started my CG routine, I didn't quite get all the stuff about 'cones and I was using products with non-soluable 'cones... namely Tresemme, and then Dove. I was trying to go cheap in the Wal-mart hair care aisle, as I am a college student and can't afford SUPER expensive products... Jessicurl is kind of expensive, but it is really working for my hair, and I started using that about two weeks ago (after clarifying with a sulfate shampoo, of course).

So, as you can guess, I was using a 'cone conditioner and only clarifying once a week since about mid-September until this month...

In late November, I noticed that I had developed a patch of dandruff right on my forehead hair line... but only there, and not anywhere else on my scalp. For about a week now, the rest of my scalp has been mildly itchy.

It might have developed from the build up of the 'cones. I also live in Indiana where the air is extremely dry in the winters. I am a singer, so I generally stay pretty hydrated by drinking lots of water, and I've been using more lotion on the rest of my skin regularly. I tried the brown sugar scrub, but I don't think it worked very well because the brown sugar dissolved into my conditioner... :oops:

I've seen some of you recommend using GTTTT for your dandruff and I'm thinking about trying it. What specific products do you use? Would just using the conditioner for co-wash help? Or should I use a 'poo? Any advice would help!!!!!

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    If you already clarified with a shampoo, I doubt it's build up. It's probably just super dry from the sulfates. Did you do a DT after shampooing? If you're up north, definitely ramp up your DTs. You'll need all the moisture you can get.

    Mine was doing this a week or two ago. My hair and scalp just wasn't getting enough moisture. I started using the GTTTT conditioner for co-wash and doing some DTs and they've helped a lot!

    With the brown sugar scrub, try adding some sugar to the conditioner in your hand right before putting it on your scalp. It does tend to melt when they're mixed together for too long.
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