Hair growth on CG?

Bizzarre Question Alert!

Since I've been CG, I seem to have a lot of new hair growth. I was wearing a headband yesterday, and I have tons of really short ends (less than 0.5 inch on my shoulder-length-when-wet hair) I have a lot of hair anyway, mixed between fine strands and very coarse ... I really don't need more! I know this could just be replacing shed hair, but I also have new growth at my temples and nape of my neck that I didn't have before.

So, I'm curious, has going CG encouraged hair growth for anyone else, or am I just weird?!

Newbie in the UK still researching CG method. All advice for type 3 hair welcome!
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    Were you straightening before you went CG? It sounds as though you had breakage before and it's starting to grow back normally.
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