Qhemet Biologics for Sale (SOLD)

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Update: 8:26 AM - All Items Spoken For - Thank you

Hey Yall,

I love(d) me some Qhemet, but I cannot deny anymore that the MSM in the products is breaking out my face. So.....I must painfully part with them. The below selling prices are final. Shipping not included ($4.95 extra).

Full Size 8 oz. (100% Full) Amla & Olive Heavy Cream $10.00
Full Size 8.oz (Half-Full) Alma & Olive Heavy Cream $5.00
Full Size 8 oz. (90% Full) Burdock Root Butter Cream $8.00)
Full Size 8 oz. (100% Full) Burdock Root Butter Cream $10.00
Full Size 4.5 oz (95% Full) Amla Oil Nourishing Pomade $5.00
Full Size 8 oz. (90% Full) Olive & Honey Hydrating Balm $10.00

Will sell entire Qhemet package, with all items included, for $35.00 + $4.95 shipping

Paypal payment only.

Send a PM or leave a comment if you are interested.
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  • shycurlshycurl Registered Users Posts: 197
    Sending a PM.

  • VV Registered Users Posts: 68
    PM'd you!
  • DiscoveringMeAgainDiscoveringMeAgain Registered Users Posts: 126
    I'll take whatever you have left, if anything, lol.


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