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I am new to this site, and i've been wanting to wear my hair wavy for a long time but could never find the right products, so I straighten it all the time. I get good results but im pretty sick of it. So im looking for a good routine for wavy hair and products to use. My hair is VERY thick and tends to get poofy if i try to wear it natural, so something to reduce the puffyness/frizziness would be great. I cant buy things online so im looking to buy stuff in a beauty store or a drug store. Hope someone can help, ive been looking at other peoples routines but i got overwhelmed cuz i dont know where to begin.


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    Hi there and welcome :D

    The first thing you should do is read the book curly girl and decide if the no poo method is right for you. Or you can read up on it here through various threads and confuse the heck out of yourself, like I did at first :wink:

    In the meantime - maybe you could tell us what you use for products now, and, we can help from there. :D
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    Hey there! Welcome to NC! Believe me, I was completely and utterly lost when I first came here... so you're not alone, don't worry! ;)

    I agree with KimberKurl, you should look into finding out if the CG routine is right for you (no shampoo or no poo as they say around here). I am not on the CG routine because I've never had problems with cones in my products and I can't afford to buy all of the expensive products everyone uses for the CG routine.

    I'm a 2B as well, and right now I use a few products:

    Shampoo/Conditioner: Suave Tropical Coconut (at any drugstore/target/walmart... should be able to find it almost anywhere)
    Extra Conditioner: Aussie 3 Minute Miracle
    Stylers: Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Serum, Loreal Springing Curls (mousse)

    After I get out of the shower I use a T-shirt instead of towel and I put my hair up in a turban type thing to suck out some of the water (A fibers on the towel pull on the hair and cause more frizz). Then I take it down and rewet the dry pieces and then take a few pumps of GF Serum and rake/scrunch that through my hair. Then I take a few pumps of the Loreal mousse and do the same thing. Then I DON'T TOUCH until its dry! Thats key! ;) If there is any crunchiness to your hair after that you can just scrunch it out. Hope that helps a little bit! I also know a lot of people here have been getting good results with the Suave healthy curls mousse as well, which you should be able to get at a drugstore.

    Good luck! :lol:
    If you have any other questions, I'm sure anyone here would be happy to help!

    Hair type: 2B a few inches below shoulders

    Products: Aussie 3 Minute Miracle, Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine serum, Loreal Springing Curls

    Password: wavy
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    bakke156 - I tried CG for awhile too, and, now I am back on cones. I am wondering if CG is harder for some of us wavies. :?
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    thanks guys! :D i'm gonna try to use some of those products and see what happens, i know my waves have potential i just need to find out how to tame them, so hopefully this will work. I've only tried to wear my hair wavy a couple times in my whole life and when i did that i just put in a leave in conditioner, and one time my mom bought me some spray gel stuff but neither of those tackled the poof or frizz. So if i dont straighten it my only other option has been to put it up in a bun, and that gets old. Thanks again!
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    Hi there!

    I lurk on these boards a lot, but I hope to start posting more...especially on the 2b board.

    Your hair sounds exactly like mine, puffiness and all. The very first thing I ever did was read the Curly Girl book by Lorraine Massey. I agree with the nice ladies on here and think you should check it out :) I do follow the CG routine for wavies. Here is the routine that is currently working for me. I hope it can be of some use to you and your beautiful waves.

    Before I get into the shower, I comb out any tangles with a wide-toothed-comb

    1-2 days a week I wash with Ouidad Play Curl Shampoo, usually coating the length of hair with conditioner and then shampooing the scalp only. Other days that I need to wet and re-style, I merely wash my scalp with water (give it a good scrub) and condition the length.

    I use a variety of conditioners including Ouidad Play Curl Conditioner and Suave Milk and Honey. After shampoo-ing, I squeeze out some excess water and then coat my strands with whatever condish I choose. I comb it through with my fingers only. When it's time to rinse, I turn my head upside, rinse and finger comb again.

    When I get out of the shower, I scrunch my hair with a microfiber towel. Back and each side, scrunch, scrunch, scrunch. Then I scrunch in a tablespoon of [buylink=]DevaCurl Angel[/buylink]l. Then I'll do the towel again.

    I try to let it air dry for at least 30 minutes. After that, I'll diffuse for about ten minutes. I try to diffuse until the hair is 90% and let the rest air dry. With the diffuser, I put a section of hair into the bowl, then lift the hair to my scalp, then turn the dryer on low. I repeat this all around my head, concentrating on the really wet spots.

    After it is all dry, I scrunch in a little bit of [buylink=]DevaCurl Set It Free[/buylink].

    I'm happy with this routine for now. It gives pretty consistant hair days, but I'll always get one weird day where my hair looks crazy frizzy and out of control. I think that is just part of a wavy's life!

    I'm also experimenting with homemade "beach spray". Basically, distilled water, lavender oil and epsom salt. So far, so good!! I'll keep you posted if you'd like :D

    Hope that wasn't too confusing! I'm really learning to love my waves and break my addiction to the blowdryer/straight iron. It's hard, but I think healthy hair is worth it!

    2b/2c M iii
    Haven't straightened since 4/1/06!
    Proud to be a Product Minimalist (PM)
    PW: wavy
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    Welcome! I also follow the CG routine for wavies, but don't order products online.
    I shampoo once a week or less with a non sulfate shampoo such as Paves ( which I got on sale at the drugstore).
    Every other day I massage my scalp with water or Suave Naturals Condish(88 cents!) mixed with brown sugar if I have scalp itchiness, and sometimes I rinse my hair with apple cider vinegar diluted with water.
    The conditioner I use on the ends of my hair everytime I wet it is the Suave Naturals.
    I like the Herbal Essences Humidity Defying Gel for holding and encouraging waves. For 2nd day hair I use either a homemade epsom salt/water/something else spray (under experimentation) or Christophe Curl Hydrating Spray (CVS).
    Styling routine:
    Comb hair in shower with conditioner in, using widetooth shower comb.
    scrunch with microfiber towel to help dry, usually head upside down
    scrunch in gel upside down
    diffuse as dry as I have time for; upside down and right side up
    Then it takes a few hours for my hair to really dry, and then I scrunch out the crunch. Sounds complicated but its really not!
    2B wavy thick hair
    Fia=2a M iii
    modified CG since 1/12/06
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    welcome to nc!!!

    i'm more of a 2c but a wavy is a wavy so i figured i can help you too

    my advice would be start off using deet treatments to get your hair healthy again since you've been straightening- ouidad is a good one ( but is a little bit expensive, i know some people like the jessicurl one on here also, but i've never used it.

    also once you get out of the shower use a leave in conditioner. i like the pantene curl revive treatment. this also helps the health of your hair and makes styling a little easier.

    once your hair gets to be healthy, you'll notice more wave definition! =)

    good luck!!
    2C blonde long hair

    •ojon + curls
    •goal: to grow my hair to my waist!

    •hair timeline:
    -last cut [email protected] devachan by jeff
    -colored 3.6.07
    -trimmed on 10.1
    -softened @ ouidad 10.20

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