Does your kid have a lovie? What is it and what is it's name?

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Ours are 2 giraffes's. One is a blanket w/a head 21957h4.jpgand the other is a stretch the neck out music makerjq1750.jpg. They are "Friend" and "Friend's Friend" AKA: "Other Friend". We started calling them that like, "where is his friend?' thenit got shortened to just Friend. He now calls them Fee and Feefee.

My mom got a knock off "Fee" that will do in a pinch, but it is obvious he knows better than to think it is one of the REAL Fee brothers.i6jfwj.jpg
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    I once had to drive 200 miles to retrieve my son's stuffed dog, Cuddles, because he couldn't live without it.

    Parenting Lesson learned: Get a double (or triple) of the beloved object BEFORE the kid loses it.
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    Aww! Feefee! My nephew has a stuffed giraffe named Rafi that goes everywhere. There are multiple Rafi's that are ok in a pinch, but he loves "Original" Rafi the best.

    I had a little, white kitty that I named Mimi. I still have her, but now she is gray from love. I even took her in the operating room when I had to have my ears drained at age 7. :oops:

    I wish Harry would adopt a lovey. We've tried! He likes his Pooh bear ok, but he can take it or leave it.
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    Bailey has Pooh. He's a classic pooh bear that we got from Target. She became attached to it around 4, 5 months old I think. Can not live without it. We've returned to many stores, parking lots, houses to retrieve him. He's been replaced, but we went 3 years with Pooh #1. It was quite upsetting when we lost him. He was part of the family.

    Bella has 'kitty'. She sucks her thumb and has to have a blankie with satin edging. I used to call mine an auggie, which she occasionally uses, but mostly it's kitty, after her favorite one which is a Hello Kitty blanket that my mom made.
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    My son usually just wants his for bed/naptime, though he does drag them around a bit. One is a stuffed monkey "George" and the other is a yellow blanket that he sucks/chews on just before falling asleep and after waking. I have to wash it every few days cause it gets a bit stinky :hmph:
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    My kids have commitment issues when it comes to lovies. Their lovies seem to only have importance when they've run out of ways to procrastinate bedtime. . . . when they remember them. Usually sometime after the 3th trip to the bathroom, 2 call for water, and the "my blanket is on upside down" routine.
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    Dylan doesn't have anything. He doesn't seem to get attached to objects so far. I never had one either, so maybe he never will.

    I do have a funny/cute lovie story though. My little sister (15 years younger than me) had a rat. My mom works in a lab, and one of the companies they ordered from had free stuff you could get with points from the purchases while she was pregnant with her. One of the things she got was this little stuffed rat with a tag that said "Lab rats rule." My sister got really attached to it! She would suck her thumb while holding the rat's tail and sniff the tail, which was really stinky from getting drooled on all the time. Well, we lost it somehow. At first my parents thought great, the rat is gone, she'll have to get over it. Yeah, don't think so. In her desperation, my mom ended up looking up the lab supply company and called them trying to explain to the customer service person about a freebie rat they gave out like 2 years before. Well, it turned out the lady she talked to had a son my sister's age, who also had the rat as his lovie! :lol: She found us not only a replacement rat, but two of them, so we had a backup when one was being washed or getting tail re-attachment surgery.
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    Xander has this Lightning McQueen pillow called Nina that he had an unnatural attachment to. A friend sent it from Amsterdam for his 2nd birthday. It went everywhere with us. We had to make sure to take it to the sitter's for nap time. Stupid us forgot to bring it home one day. There was hell to pay. I ended up calling my friend in Amsterdam to see if she could send another after checking everywhere here that I could think of. There were none in all of Amsterdam. She finally found one on Belgium ebay. She told the man who listed it the whole story. He very kindly sent it to me for just cost of shipping. Now the sitter has a Nina and we have a Nina.

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    Chas hasn't been attached to one thing yet but I know it's coming as we are preparing him to loose the paci. He does go to bed with the same silky blanket and his panda. The daycare has a similar silky blue blanket. I'll remember the buy it in twos or threes when he does attach himself. Hopefully it's not the panda because we bought it at the Memphis Zoo.
  • Yes, Still PaulaYes, Still Paula Posts: 485Registered Users 2-year old toddler girl is completely attached to Elmo in just about every form, followed by her favorite teddy bear and then a few other stuffed animals.
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    our son, a beanie pig since infancy.

    our daughter, a giant easter bunny that is 3 years old.

    both are dingy and dirty. the stuffed animals, not our kids ... well, at least not most of the time.

    i'm surprised that at 10, our son still enjoys his animal. though, he does more ninja and matrix moves with it than cuddling these days. but he still sleeps with it.
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    rainshower wrote: »
    i'm surprised that at 10, our son still enjoys his animal. though, he does more ninja and matrix moves with it than cuddling these days. but he still sleeps with it.

    My almost-9-year-old son still sleeps with his little stuffed tiger (named Baby Tigger). He's had it since he was tiny. We have 2 spares (Mommy Tigger and Daddy Tigger), but they aren't as loved. He hides it if a friend sleeps over, but if he's on his own, Baby Tigger is in the bed with him. I don't think he'd be too traumatized if Tigger disappeared at this point, but he's not taking any chances of losing him by taking him outside the house.
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    My daughter has a stuffed brown cat named Miss Kitty. She started using her at around 9 months or so. It's nowhere as cute as many of her other stuffies, but she loves her, so Miss Kitty it is!
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    She has a bunch of them that get rotated out. I still have one of my old stuffed animals (stuffed dog I named "Woofie")--the fur is kind of matted but after 30 years, it's held up very well. I think part of that is due to the plastic fishing line type thread the manufacturer used! they just don't make 'em like they used to!
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    majerle has an entire entourage.
    she has a stuffed monkey called ah ah, a stuffed brobee (character from the show yo gabba gabba), a big dog thats at least 3/4 her size, and she also carries one of 3 babies she has. ah ah and brobee get special privilege and have to travel with her everywhere.
    she also gets very attatched to objects and makes them tempoaray lovies. some of her past temps are a trial size shampoo bottle, chapstick, and a bottle of infant tylenol.
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    Oh, yes! Connor has a baby blanket that he calls his "ginky." (Not sure of the spellling, it's like "geeky" with an extra n.) He carries it around the house sometimes, and he puts the corners in his mouth or rubs them on his face. He also has almost a conditioned response to suck his thumb when he's cuddling with his ginky. It gets pretty dirty and grungy, so I try to wash it pretty frequently.

    One time he was sick and threw up on his ginky right before bed. I got it in the washing machine as quickly as possible, but it wasn't done yet by bedtime. I put him to bed as usual, hoping he would still be able to fall asleep. We heard him moving around in his room, presumably looking for it for a while. Then when the ginky came out of the dryer, I put it in bed with him, where he was sleeping cuddled up with his pillow. I guess he was able to make do with that in a pinch.
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    For the longest time, Lucas didn't care about any stuffed animal and then all of a sudden he got attached to "dawg" a stuffed dog that my MIL got for me when I was in the hospital after giving birth.

    Let me tell you, dog was NOT meant to be carried aroudn by a 2 year old, he is bad shape. His ear is about to fall off :(
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