Does It Really Matter?

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I have read several books over the years concerning natural and curly hair. I've also read many "hair forums", watched YouTube videos, and of course, read many of the threads of each forum of CurlTalk. I have learned much about the maintenance of curly hair of all textures, including which ingredients are good for curly hair, and particularly those that are bad for curly hair.

My analysis: No matter what the ingredients are in a product, many with curly hair can use just about any product geared towards curly hair that achieves the desired results. For example, there are products that have beeswax, mineral oil, petroleum, "cones", and "sulfates" that people with curly hair use. Miss Jessie's and Hair Rules are examples that have at least one of the "no-no" ingredients.

I personally feel that it doesn't matter what ingredients are in the product; just as long as you can wash it out, you are not sensitive or allergic to it, and it does not hamper growth or the health of your hair and scalp.

What are your thoughts?

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    I suppose it doesn't matter in the long-run. People have been using petroleum-based/'cone-filled/sulfate-filled/paraben-enriched products for years without and major issues. It's just like people have been eating non-organic meat for years and now all the fuss about eating organic/local stuff. In the grand scheme of things, we are all going to DIE of SOMETHING and when we are on our deathbed I'm sure we are not going to say "shouldn't of used those sulfates" or "shouldn't of been eating that steak from walmart."

    For me right now I think I like the idea of making my own stuff. It's a creative outlet forme and I gain a sense of fulfillment from experimenting with recipes, etc.. I like trying new things that are inexpensive and give me great hair. I also personally prefer more natural things in all aspects of my life (food choices, alternative medicine, skin care, haircare, housecleaning, etc) but its only a MATTER OF CHOICE not really thinking it's going to ultimatly lead to longevity.

    My motto has always been: do what works for you!!! (once again in ALL aspects of life). Regardless of what others think-as long as you can sleep well at night who cares!
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    I think it just depends on what works for one person--leading to lots and lots of possible care methods. I don't think cones are bad if you use a sulfate shampoo and deep condition.

    For example, I NEVER had a problem with mineral oil and I used products with it for most of my life. But mineral oil makes some people's hair freak out. I stopped using it now because I want to see what my hair does without it, not bad. But my favorite leave-in with mineral oil has the best slip for detangling.

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