why is it that...

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when you tell a stylist that you don't straighten your hair, she assumes you want extremely tight curls? When I let someone style my curly hair, I end up with my head between my legs, a diffuser next to my head, leaving the salon looking like a poodle, and running home to shower and start over.

Why do they not understand that someone might want looser curls? Why do they seem to think there's nothing in between board straight and super-curly? Is it that they just don't know how to style hair that way?

I'm just venting, I guess. I've got to remember to say, "I'll just sit under the dryer, thanks," and bring my own styling products.

I know there are good stylists out there, somewhere. Somewhere. (I see a thread searching for stylists in my area, and of course there are no responses.) I need someone who actually cares whether I look good, and doesn't just dismiss me as an over-40 woman who is content to look like a grandma. Sometimes I think stylists actually want to make me look bad. :::::::::sigh:::::::::

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