How do you look in the morning?

hipchickhipchick Registered Users Posts: 350
I just turned 45 and to be honest I scare myself if I look in the mirror right after I wake up. I awaken with watery eyes especially this time of year and then I have puffy bags from the fluid build-up. I take a hot shower before I look which improves my outlook for the day as it diminishes some of the puffiness.


  • alacurlalacurl Registered Users Posts: 1,199 Curl Novice
    I tend to get puffy, too. But I found it's not nearly as bad if I don't use a heavy eye cream at night.

    My hair sometimes is crazy in the a.m., but other than that I'm not too scary. :p
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  • ninja dogninja dog Registered Users Posts: 23,780 Curl Neophyte
    Like an escapee from a madhouse, hair and all.
  • SuburbanbushbabeSuburbanbushbabe Registered Users Posts: 15,402 Curl Neophyte
    I try not to look at myself until I'm in the shower.
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    I wash my face at the sink before I take my shower, so I kinda have to look, and I also put eyedrops in then. Let me just say, not too attractive...but my husband looks worse than me if that says anything! :eek:
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  • Koukla72Koukla72 Registered Users Posts: 1,680
    When I saw the thread title my first thought was "puffy" too. :cyclopsani: :lol:
  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,060 Administrator
    I look sick. My face is pale and my eyes are more purplish underneath. My hair is pretty wild like the cowardly lion's pre-perm.
  • ninja dogninja dog Registered Users Posts: 23,780 Curl Neophyte
    Speckla wrote: »
    I look sick. My face is pale and my eyes are more purplish underneath. My hair is pretty wild like the cowardly lion's pre-perm.

    Is this before or after your all-night job cleaning office buildings?
  • SpiderSpider Registered Users Posts: 3,381 Curl Neophyte
    I'm hot! :wave:
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  • WileE-DeadWileE-Dead Banned Banned Users Posts: 24,963 Curl Neophyte
  • CynaminbearCynaminbear Registered Users Posts: 4,476 Curl Connoisseur
    I like to think I look like myself, just without make up. The hair is always pulled back in a pony-bun. If the band isn't tight enough then hair escapes and look out! Bozo wings.
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  • rudeechickrudeechick Registered Users Posts: 6,726
    Depends on the time of the month. I'm 46 and just entering perimenopause. The 10-14 days prior to my period is hell - puffy, broken out and my hair is a frizz bomb from the night sweats.

    The rest of the month I actually look better then I ever have.... but I'm sure part of that is acceptance.....:shaking2:
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  • meadowlark2meadowlark2 Registered Users Posts: 135 Curl Neophyte
    All I see is my crazy hair. Its so bad sometimes I just laugh like a crazy person. Usually its not very amusing. If it weren't for the hair, I'd be analyzing something else.
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  • whatsercurlwhatsercurl Registered Users Posts: 4,049
    Hmmm .. puffy, watery, bloodshot eyes; a bushy tree growing off my head; skin as pale as the snow - I'm glad my DBF doesn't put his glasses on till after his shower. :laughing5:
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  • PoodleheadPoodlehead Registered Users Posts: 6,959
    I probably look like I do the rest of the day. Sadly.
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  • OBBOBB Registered Users Posts: 4,174 Curl Neophyte
    i avoid mirrors until ive had a shower and everything goes back to where they were b/4 i went to sleep.
  • janeylizjaneyliz Registered Users Posts: 777
    A bleary-eyed wreck clearly in need of more sleep than she gets, with a pineapple on top of her head.

    However, I've learned not to put my spectacles on until I'm wearing some makeup - and as I use a small hand-help mirror for that task I don't see all of my face at once.
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  • jeepcurlygurljeepcurlygurl Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Posts: 20,731 Curl Virtuoso
    I look like my mom, my dad, and the crazy lady who pushes a shopping cart full of god-knows-what around town all day. Not so pretty but hey, crazy hair sets me apart at any time of day and my face has had a good time getting to this point.
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  • StarmieStarmie Registered Users Posts: 7,169 Curl Virtuoso
    Pretty rough. I have shocking dark shadows and hate to really look at myself until the concealers gone on. Hair's just wild. It's not good and I doubt things will ever get any better, unfortunately.
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  • wavycurly40+wavycurly40+ Registered Users Posts: 2,017 Curl Neophyte
    BAD! To put it simply.

    My eyes don't look awake until I've been up about 3 hours.

    Of course, this was true to some extent even when I was younger..... but it is not getting better.

    Fortunately, though, I'm much smarter, funnier, and cooler than I was back then. :toothy9:

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  • rouquinnerouquinne Registered Users Posts: 13,737 Curl Connoisseur
    i think it's pretty darn awful, but the ToyBoy didn't say anything about it the past couple of mornings...
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  • winifredwinifred Registered Users Posts: 295
    I think I look my best when I wake up in the morning because my skin is even and smooth. The rosacea needs an hour or so to get going, and it gets worse throughout the day.

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