Anchorage, Alaska stylist?

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Anyone have any recommendations for a curly stylist in Anchorage, Alaska? I've done a search on nc and found two, but they seemed pretty outdated. TIA!


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    Granted, I have 2b/c hair so this recommendation may not be good for you. There is a recommendation on this site for a stylist at the Aveda salon downtown so I decided I would give the salon a try. I couldn't get the person that was recommended (I think her name was Bre) but I got a senior stylist named Christine and my hair looks the best it has after a haircut in YEARS. I am most definately going to go back and see her if not someone else at the salon.

    After all, along with my recommendation and the recommendation already on this site there are apparently 2 people that work that that can do wavy/curly hair.
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