I want to cut my relaxed hair soon!!!

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Ok ladies, I am officially going natural. My last relaxer was in July of 2008. I have about 2.5-3 inches of Type 4a new growth. I have worn kinky twists for about 2 months. Just got them removed two days ago. I want to cut my relaxer out and sport my new growth with a curly look. Considering my hair is about 9 inches long total that means I would be cutting anywhere from 6-7 inches off today. Should I wait until I get more new growth or can I go ahead and take the dip. I'm really looking to make a change but not sure if this would be too drastic. Any tips would be much appreciated. I am not one to get offended easily so bring it on PLEASE!!!! Also what can I do in the meantime with my hair if I decide to wait before cutting?


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    I did the BC with only 3 months of new growth. I thought it would be no big deal because it was not unusual for me to have a short haircut when I had a relaxer/texturizer. However, I forgot about shrinkage, curls and the cold weather. My hair appeared shorter than it actually was. At the time I wished I had waited for a couple of more inches of new growth. I love it now that I am use to it and it is starting to grow!!

    My daughter is transitioning. Her hair was shoulder length (I just cut it to chin length last night. Her ends were looking raggedy.) She was thinking about doing the BC last night but she chickened out. She has never worn her hair shorter than chin length. She is going to go through with it this summer. She does the two strand twist outs and flat two strand twist outs. She loves the results and always gets compliments from other people.

    Sorry to ramble on and on. I just wanted to give you an idea of what may go through your mind (if it hasn't already).

    In the end it is your decision. Just keep in mind these factors: shrinkage, curls, weather, can you become adjusted to short hair.

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    It all depends on your courage to sport a really short cut.

    If you check around the posts, you'll find some (like Teejay above) that have chopped it all off after just a couple months. (I think they look great!)

    Some just keep getting it trimmed until the natural growth has reached a long length, then they cut off the relaxed ends.

    Some of us, like me, wait around a year before cutting. I have mostly 3C hair, and I actually waited 14 months before cutting off the relaxed part. (I just did this last Saturday Jan. 17.) That way, the new growth (which is about 7-8 inches long) is still long enough to put up in a poofy ponytail. The best part is now I'm almost tangle-free and it takes so little time to style.

    TO CUT...?
    If your two textures are totally driving you crazy, think of your lifestyle. (Am I physically active/work out a lot? Do I have time for my hair/schedule/school/work/family...? How much am I willing to spend on my hair?) Also, I hope you have or find a stylist who completely understands, not just your hair type, but your head/face shape and your routine.

    ...OR NOT TO CUT?
    However, if you're still not sure, you might want wait a while. In the meantime, experiment with different hair products, accessories and styles to achieve a manageable look.

    Let us know what you decide.

    Have a beautiful day! :wave:
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    Hey Teejay, thanks for the tips. So I'm gonna try to wait this out a few more months. I am currently wearing my hair in the two strand twist out. Which is absolutely gorgeous on me. Again thanks for responding.