Just an update on my little cryer...

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I don't post a lot on here but I read a lot of posts and they have helped me a lot with baby Aida. I did post previously that she was a crying monster and just wanted to thank everyone again for the input and give an update.

She has improved with a combination of gas drops/growth/and me understanding her a little more. She is getting a little better each day and turning into a happy baby. She is actually smiling and "talking" and for the past two nights has almost slept through the whole night! And I'm not as stressed out and tired as I was which is really helping the situation.

She has started liking her swing - although only for 10-15 minutes at a time so whatever I need to get done better happen in that time frame. And now she doesn't like the Babyhawk carrier as she wants to look around and can't really do so in it. I hope she likes it again when she can hold her head up for more than a couple of minutes on her own as I paid a lot for it. Right now she is really liking the Hotsling I found at Target on clearance for $7!

And no update is complete without attention whoring pictures.
It is hard for me to capture a smile with the camera - as soon as I get ready to take the picture she gets distracted. Thankfully her face is almost clear of the baby acne...she was looking so pitiful for awhile.

Here is a picture of her enjoying her bouncy chair:


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    Glad things are going well for you and her! Solomon loved the Hotsling at that age. Are you doing the "front carry"? That served us very well from 5 weeks until 6-7 months.
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    I'm glad things are going better and that you're getting smiles and stuff now! I'd try the Babyhawk again later. We didn't use a mei-tai a lot until Lydia was older, maybe 4 months or so? I go back and forth between different carriers depending on her age and what our needs are at the time.

    She's adorable!
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