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hi, I'm new to this site and I'm transitioning my hair. my last relaxerwas 11/20/2008 and i haven't had one since and i will not be going back to one . my hair seems to be growing but my ends look really damage and it's making my hair look really dry & dull is there something i can do to fix this or do i need to cut off the Relaxed ends

do you have any tips? that would be really helpful thanks


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    hi im new to the site as well an new to transitioning. and like u I lill not be going back to a relaxer. but everyone whose had a relaxer for a long time knows that when you got broken and split ends you gota trim them off bkuz the hair will keep slpitting up and damage more of your hair. I suggest you go to the hair salon and trim off as much as they tell you u need to trim off. if you wanna keep lenght make sure you tell them u only want to trim as little as poosible. that way the broken ends are off and you wont have to worry about damaging the rest of your hair
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    thanks for your help
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    I would also add that you want to make sure that the flat iron is not TOO HOT otherwise you will end up with heat damage which pretty much hinders your wanting to go natural. I am trying to go natural as well, transitioning from pressed/flat-ironed hair (no relaxer in over 6 yrs.) but have a lot of heat damage.
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    thanks ,
    i haven't use any heat on my hair since my last relaxer i just been doing twist outs and stuff like that I'm going to get a blow dryer & a new flat iron and put heat on my hair only once a month just for a different style . but my ends are really dry and dull

    what kind of oil do you use on your hair, if you use any ?
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    I would suggest like the others to go get a trim and perserve those ends by keeping them moisturized. Use your favourite moisturizer and seal it in with an oil that way it locks in the moisture. You can also do the baggy method a few times a week, it will have your ends feeling great. Also im not sure if your wearing you hair out but if you are try doing more protective styles where your ends are protected so they dont get dried out. Hope that helps.
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    thanks for the help

    what oils & moisturizer would you recommend ?
    i haven't found a good one yet.
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    Yeah... I'm looking for a good moisturizer, too, but most of the ones here are a little pricey. I'm afraid of spending too much on something that will just end up in the back of the closet.

    I just did the BC, (got about 7-8 inches of new growth) and I found that most oils end up making my hair too greasy, and I still have some 2nd day frizz.

    Are there any leave-in products out there that will moisturize my 3C curls without me needing a government bailout? :confused:
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    i went to i love walmart they alot of products that are cheap just type in hair moisturizer and some will pop up if you are looking for something cheap cause i don't like spending alot of money on moisturizer and hair oils
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    Sorry, I'm still new, but can someone explain the baggy method? Also, when you say oil, are you talking about jojoba, tea tree, etc.? How do you "seal" the ends?
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    I use coconut oil to seal my ends, but sometimes will use shea butter if my hair is very dry. I also use shea butter on my hairline.

    To moisturize, I am still looking for a good, natural product without silicone, petroleum, and mineral oil. A lot of cheaper (even some pricey) products I used to use contains all 3. :( When I use products that contain the above items, my hair is duller and just feels like I have buildup instantly. I have been using Giovanni Direct Leave In and love it, it costs approx $7, great ingredients and it is not heavy. I ordered [buylink=]Kinky Curly Knot Today[/buylink] ($12) and Curling Custard ($26) b/c I heard a lot of good reviews and if used correctly, it lasts a long time.

    Baggy method: I use a plastic shower cap. First I apply a deep conditioner, then add either extra virgin olive oil, grapeseed oil, or avodcado oil on top to "seal" in the conditioner. Apply the plastic cap and go to sleep (or sometimes I will do this and workout and clean the apt)! I used to do this a couple times a week, it REALLY made a huge difference, my hair felt so soft and moisturized. I definitely do this the night before I flat iron-which is about once a month. I plan on buying a heat cap so I can do the baggy method during the day as well for 30-45 min.
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    Thanks! I've been doing the baggy method all along, except I don't add an oil on top of my deep conditioner. I'm also tempted to try the Giovanni Leave-In as well.