My yum yum yummy veggie recipe!

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Ok so if you need specific ingredient amounts and directions. . . then I won't be able to give you that for this recipe. It changes for me every time depending on what I have on hand and how much. However if you are familiar with cooking and can eye things to your liking then this is the recipe for you.

  • chopped onion (I use one small white onion)
  • minced garlic (I use a teaspoon)
  • shredded carrots or matchstick carrots (a couple of handfuls per your liking)
  • chopped mushrooms (I chop up a portabello cap, but you can use any kind of mushrooms you like)
  • zucchini (one or two depending on how big they are)
  • spinach (a couple of handfuls depending on how much you want)
  • 2 lite laughing cow cheese wedges
  • Seasonings of your choice (I use garlic salt and cajun seasoning)
  • Heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil
  • throw in your onion, garlic, and carrots, let them saute for a while (a minute maybe?) . . .
  • Throw in your mushrooms and zucchinni, let them cook a while depending on how crunchy or soft you want them to be
  • Throw in spinach then let it wilt to your desired consistency
  • Season with your preferred seasonings
  • After everything is cooked to your liking . . . throw in the skinny cow cheese wedges (you'll probably have to mash them up . . .because they don't melt easily)and mix it with the veggies for a slight creamed consistency
  • Serve over brown jasmine rice for a delicious and healthy meal!


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    Mmm.... this sounds good. I'll have to try it - minus the mushrooms though. :tongue:
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