WANTED: Ouidad gels

EfrizzabethEfrizzabeth Registered Users Posts: 8,792 Curl Neophyte
I'd like to sample (2 oz preferred) Ouidad gels other than the Tress Fx (& soon, Climate Control - SophiaCurls is setting me up with the Climate Control Gel sample! :notworthy:).

I have the Tress Fx & like it. I just want to see if the others are just as good.

Do I have any offers to sell me any? :wav:

If Climate Control Gel & Moisturizing Styling Gel are $22 for 8 oz, then 2 oz of one should be $5.50 per my calculations. But they want $7 for a sample of Climate Control, plus postage. :roll: They don't sell samples of the other.


  • melaniesusanmelaniesusan Registered Users Posts: 948 Curl Neophyte
    Ouiad Climate Control is a really great product. I could sell you some of mine for $5.50, but by the time you add shipping it would cost more than $7. So if you can order a sample from them for $7, it's probably worth it.

    Currently, I'm not using climate control - I don't need it in winter when there isn't high humidity. But it's a GREAT summer product. I'm sure you won't be disappointed. I use it over a leave-in (Giovanni DLI or Ouidad Botanical Boost or both) in summer and get great results.
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  • EfrizzabethEfrizzabeth Registered Users Posts: 8,792 Curl Neophyte
    That $7 they charge doesn't include shipping cost.
  • Koukla72Koukla72 Registered Users Posts: 1,680
    PM'd you. :)

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