NC gave me a new hair style!

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I was looking around for some ideas for what to do with my hair. My bangs are down over my eyes (even curly) so I'm just annoyed with it right now. Anyway, I looked under the Shall we Dance article There is an idea for a version of the half ponytail that is twisted back with bobbypins. I added a picture to my album of it today. Keep in mind this is second day hair, but I still really like it. I can see! It's a miracle!

Anyone have ideas they would like to post? I'm always looking for something new!


  • BeachBlondeWavieBeachBlondeWavie Registered Users Posts: 159
    the half up looks really cute =)

    have you tried a headband? they have been really popular latley and keep bangs out of eyes

    maybe find styles or or even? good luck!
    2C blonde long hair

    •ojon + curls
    •goal: to grow my hair to my waist!

    •hair timeline:
    -last cut [email protected] devachan by jeff
    -colored 3.6.07
    -trimmed on 10.1
    -softened @ ouidad 10.20
  • CopperWavesCopperWaves Registered Users Posts: 83
    That looks great! I'm sorry I don't have any new ideas for you. I'm fighting with bangs myself only mine are shorter because I can't decide if I want them or not.Growing out is a pain!!! :roll:

    Your hair is looking good and you got 2nd day hair!!! I'm jealous!! I'm lucky to get first day hair sometimes. :lol:
    My hair is not the boss of me!!!!

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