Canola oil ok for hair?

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I ran out of EVOO so the only oil left in the house was either vegetable oil or the canola oil. So far I've been using the canola oil plus conditioner and it seems like it absorbs into more hair more. It's not as greasy as the EVOO but I'm afraid that this oil isn't nourishing. Does anyone use Canola oil and have they had good results with it?

P.S: I also went out and bought some Biotin! Yay!!! :occasion7: My hair seems more shiny. How long does it take to see the results of the Biotin?


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    I think most oils will condition when applied to wet hair. I've done veggie oil and it worked great for my hair. Do what works for you.

    As for Biotin I really have no answer for you but I also started using it recently. I don't really see a big improvment in my hair but my nails look awesome.

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    Yeah my nails have grown a bit too lol. Maybe in 2 months, I'll notice it growing longer lol. Thanks.