Fhi vs Chi??

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I'm starting to wear my hair straight now until it grows longer. I have a herstyler iron now that i got from a kiosk in a mall. I dropped it a few times and the plates are cracked so I am looking for a new one.
I was considering the fhi platform. I've heard good things about it. Has anyone used this??
Also is it better or worse than the chi?
If you have other suggestions for a better iron please let me know.
I have curly 3b hair... It's not very course, pretty easy to untangle and comb through. :) :)


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    I've never used the FHI. I used a Chi before and after awhile I started experiencing a lot of breakage. If you can up your budget a little bit I would suggest the GHD. I had bought it and returned it only because I felt bad about the price. I loved it for the two weeks I had it though. I got it during Sephora friends and family sale too so it wasn't full price which makes me regret returning it even more. Before I started wearing my hair curly more often, I used the Sedu, my latest flat iron. I experienced a little bit of breakage but not as bad as the Chi. GHD is still better than Sedu and Chi though. The one thing I do love from Chi is the silk infusion.
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    I have never used the FHI, but I've always loved my Chi. Also CHIs have a warranty, so if it breaks, you send it back to them and they will send you a brand new CHI for $30.00.
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    When I initially purchased a straightener I purchased the FHI, and that was b/c I found the FHI in a store, my stylist straigthens my hair with a CHI. I think they both work well. Of course I don't really use the FHI anymore b/c I have something else.

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    My vote is for the Sedu Revolution (check our Folica.com), for details. I purchased it about a month ago and it is absolutely wonderful. I, too am a 3B and it straightens my hair in just one pass.

    The plates are smooth and do not snag or tangle hair. Also, I can curl and create cute flips with it. The Sedu comes with a styling a DVD and tips on how to achieve different styles. I give it an A++++++ rating. If you have further questions, please let me know! :wink:
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    I returned my FHI. Go for the Chi.
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    I haven't heard much about FHI's, but I've heard some bad stories about CHI's. I was originally going to buy a CHI myself, but after reading some reviews I decided to get a Solia. It's great, but I damaged my hair from it, only because I straightened my hair EVERDAY, and without using a heat protectant (Plus I dyed my hair very often which didn't help).
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    i love my CHI! by far the best flat iron i've ever used. my sis loves her GHD though...

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    Dont get a chi. They used to be made in Korea, and this was when they got really popular. They had the best technology back than, im talking 7-8 years ago... Now they are made in Texas, and running on the same technology.
    I used CHI for 6 years thinking nothing was better. Than my chi broke. So I bought another, in a week, that one broke, so i got another, that one broke in a month. They all the same wiring problem.
    I than got a GHD IV Styler, which is very good. Straightens unbelieveably fast, and leaves hair healthy looking.
    I tried the Sedu revolution as well, but it didnt straighten as well, although it did glide through my hair easily.
    I want to try the FHI Platform next. It has great features. I think between the chi and fhi, you should go with fhi.
    If you do get one, could you let me know what you think? I will probably get one in the next couple weeks, if I do, I will post a review =)

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