Motions Weightless Clear Hairdress

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is the BOMB!!!

i'm currently in my 8th month of transistioning and i wear rod sets

i've found it hard to moisturize my curls w/o loosing the curl in addition to a hairdress where i don't have to rub it in or brush my hair b/c the hairdress is white

motions weightless clear hairdress is awesome! i can put it on my curls and they look refreshed w/o loosing the definition

i rolled the back of my head last night (it needed to be touched up). i dampened the hair, but a little motions on it, and rolled it. this morning when i took it out my curls look and feel awesome!!! i put a little on this morning as well. tonight i will touch up the rest of my head.

it cost about $4.99 for a 6 oz jar, but a lil really goes a long way

i found a lifesaver!!!