Barack-abye Baby!

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    That's so cute!
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    I love her little face! :love1:
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    How cute! She looks enthralled.

    I tried to get my 2-year-old to say Obama today. I was like, "Connor, can you say Obama?" and every time I said the name, Connor inexplicably gave me a hug. Obama must have a calming effect on little ones!
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    How cute! Yours too, Sarah. :)

    DH was watching MSNBC the other night and crowds were shouting "Obama!" enough times that Lucy now says "Bama!" with a little prompting.
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    Aww, look at her! :)
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    That's sweet!

    When I ask DS to say Obama, he says " Oh-Gamma"
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    My daughter watched the inaugaral speech with me and was cute! She calls him "President Obama". Apparently, she's very formal.
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