an update on us!

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Just thought I would post an update on us!

Steven turned 2 in October. He is doing great healthwise, we are just waiting on the next surgery. Since I have been home with him, he has become a HUGE momma's boy in every way! He goes to the cardiologist at the end of next month, so we either have another 6 month wait, or we plan on surgery. DH and I are both ready to have it just happen already...we know it is looming in the future and it is another thing we would like to put behind us.

His gross moter skills have caught up finally, he is running and jumping and summersaulting and all the other toddler stuff...His fine moter is not spectacular, but it is right where it should be. His speech is slightly behind, but he is working on it and seems to say a new word everyday.

On the other side...he is very excited to become a big brother! I am currently 13 weeks pregnant and due at the end of July! Hopefully this transition will be seemless for all of us!

and a picture of my "baby"

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    Wow, he's become such a big boy! Good luck with the doctors.

    Congrats on the pregnancy! How are you feeling?
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    He is so adorable!
    I'd agree, get the surgery over with now, while you're pregnant, rather than when you have a newborn.
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    Oh my gosh, where did the baby go??? He is such a little man!!!

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    Kaia - morning sickness is over, although I never actually threw up I was nauseous all the time. I am just mainly tired, Steven keeps me pretty busy though the day…I usually crash at naptime with him!

    CB - that is our hope. Although we know we can make it work with a baby at home too…just a lot of juggling, thankfully my in-laws live right next door, she they will be able to help a little also. If this surgery maybe, just maybe he will be discharged 3 days post op.

    CC - I know! He has lost that "baby" look...he really is a toddler! (that pic was about a month and a half ago too!)

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    He's a cutie...look at those gorgeous eyes!

    Congrats on your pregnancy!
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    He's so precious! And congratulations on your pregnancy!
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    Glad to hear your family is doing well! Congratulations on your pregnancy!
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    I just love that little Steven! :)
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    Thanks for the up-date and the wonderful pic of Steven. Congratulations, too!!! :)

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