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Hey everyone,

I just found this sight today while looking for any kind of useful information I could use in deciding how I should cut my hair tomorrow. I'm pretty sure I have 3b hair, thick, about mid-back length. It has some long layers as well. I used to straighten the bangs that grew in, but they're getting too long to straigten without looking horrible. I've basically had long curly hair my whole life, the one time I did cut it short, I was about 11 and I cried because as soon as it dried, it was a lion's mane! I've been scared to cut it ever since. I'm 18 now and still get upset! I only straighten my hair about twice a year. It takes a really long time, about an hour and a half, to completely straighten. I use a chi iron but it's too much of a time-consuming hassle!

My question is:

If I want a shorter maybe a little above shoulder length, more styled hair cut, instead of my standard trim and keep it really long, but I want to straighten it all the time instead of letting it just be curly: is it possible? how damaged is my hair going to be? and what kind of measures will I have to take to protect my hair?

Seems confusing but I'm really torn. I'm getting frustrated with the long boring cut. My dad has begun to call me Robert Plant. I mean, the man had great hair but he's a GUY! I want to look chic and I do not want wild, poofy, frizzy, frustrating hair, which I'm afraid will happen. I want a change but I'm nervous. Any help? You guys seem to know what you're talking about.


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    What cut you get for your hair depends on your hair goals and how you are planning to straighten it. The thing you should keep in mind is that if you are planning on using chemical relaxers or flat irons your hair will be damaged. But if you aren't planning on having hair longer than apl or so it probably doesn't matter.

    Personally (and my hair is curlier than yours 3c with 4a patches), I used to get my hair professionally flat ironed every two weeks for about a year. My hair was sightly below waist straightened and during the course of that year slowly broke off to shoulder length. If I had wanted shoulder length hair I would have been happy because as you damage your hair from flat irons it gets easier to straighten the next time. But my goal was to have long hair so I eventually stopped. Almost 4 years later I am almost back to waist straight(about 1/2 inch to go!). But waiting for it to regrow wasn't fun. I've been pretty much exclusively wearing updos because my hair doesn't have the length and weight to wear curly without strinking back to shoulder length when curly. And I have been saving the flat ironing for my once a year trims.

    Might I suggest learning some updos to take away some of the boredom? And maybe just flat ironing the length you have now this way you have some room to trim when you start seeing damage? Good luck with whatever you decide!
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    personally I dont think you shouldnt straighten since 1) you worked so hard to get your hair natural 2) its time consuming 3) its damaging. maybe try cutting your hair short but not so short to make a big poof. coloring it could make it more exciting too
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    I've had naturally curly hair all my life. It's been cut dozens of times, but never straightened, chemically or otherwise.

    I had a haircut a week ago, and the stylist straightened it after with an iron "to make sure it was even." NO product was used in the process, not even gel.

    A week later, my hair is still largely straight. Some wave has come back, but especially the top layers are bone-straight and no amount of amateur styling on my part has brought the curl back.

    I am a bit distraught. Should I get it cut again? Should I just let it grow and hope the new stuff is the curl I'm used to? And how the heck did this happen, since it doesn't seem possible?

    Any advice would be gratefully received. I don't even feel like myself without the Curly Sue look I'm used to.

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