Can I get my 3years old ringlets back?

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My daughter is biracial and had the longest ringlets i had ever seen but they got too long.(down to her diaper at 2) So i took her to someone who said they cut mixed hair. I explained to her i didn't want to loose her ringlets. To make a long story short she cut her ringlets into a 80's shag. Basically she cut up the ringlets and made them waves. (many tears inserted here)
I thought I could get them back by letting them grow out and cutting the curls in the proper S getting them blunt again. But they are more like long wiggles then ringlets.

recently my daughter took scissors to her own hair (more tears) But I noticed that where she cut it close to the scalp is coming back in with ringlets.
Could it be that her hair is too heavy to start the ringlet again and i need to cut it all short?

Any info would be great.
tt cropped (Small).JPG

TT hair cut (Small).jpg
after aka her hair cut


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    there is a huge chance that the ringlets will come back. cutting hair doesnt affect texture (the hair doesnt know its been cut), but her curl pattern could have changed because of the length, the products you use (if youre using different ones) or because hair changes, especially in young children.

    have you changed her routine or products since the cut?

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