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This might be a dumb question, but are stylists who are known for doing curly hair well going to cut wavy hair dry? Is it considered curly enough? Al I know is that every time someone cuts it wet, it ends up A) getting cut way too short because it springs up and B) laying really weird because the layers aren't cut with the curl in mind. I know it needs to be done differently than straight hair, but are stylists going to know thiat?

Also, I'm just so nervous about going in for a cut. The truth is, I need my layers fixed REALLY badly, because of how badly the last stylist did, but I am worried that it's going to get butchered again, that the stylist is going to take off a lot of length and undo all the time I have put so far into growing it out...gahhhh.
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    I know that the Deva method is what's the rage right now. There are a lot of us who get wet cuts and feel that our stylists do a great job. IMO, a great stylist is a great stylist. My stylist does an incredible job on straight and all types of curly hair.
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    i just went for my first curly cut about a month ago, and took my 2C sister along with me. He DID cut both of us dry, but his technique was REALLY different on hers, versus mine. It's a lot more important that the layers and sides be REALLY even on a wavy, as it'll show more and be more obvious if it's off, I think. So he did a lot of comparing, and cutting more in a 'normal' way than he did with mine.

    Her hair was almost 3A afterwards though (even though she loathes her hair being curly and immediately went home, washed it, and put it up). I think it can totally work on a wavy, just with some modification :)
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