Best Roast Ever!

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High Temperature Eye of the Round Roast

Instead of turning the oven off after 20 minutes like they suggest, I left the oven on 350 for one hour, then turned it down to 200 for another hour and a half.

I used the drippings to make gravy. Typically roast is dry and chewy but this recipe made the meat moist and tender. Definitely the best roast ever!
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    I have seen this technique for prime rib roasts too. I will definitely try this.
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    MMMMM . . . sounds soooo good. I love a good roast! I usually put my roast in the slow cooker and let it cook all day while I'm at work. It always comes out so juicy and tender! Here's what I do

    I usually inject it with Tony Cachere's Roasted Garlic and Herb Seasoning. Then I roll it in a mixture of flour and garlic salt and brown it in an iron skillet on all sides. After doing that I just add the roast to the slow cooker along with baby carrots, mushrooms, and onions (I put the carrots under the roast and the onions and mushrooms on top). I add one can of golden mushroom soup and a half a can of water. I let it cook on low all day (usually 8 hours). When I get home the roast is done . . . but I use the drippings to make gravy. The way I do it is just to add Tony Cachere's Instant Brown Gravy straight to the liquid in the crock pot and stir it, adding more, until I get the consistency I like. It is SOOOOO yummy!

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