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Of lately, I've been using a bit more conditioner in my hair (thick, and clumpy), because it has been looking extra dry (cold weather maybe? I just realized this after I ran out of this shampoo..hmm-maybe. It feels course and not-soft when I don't use the conditioner. ) but just today it looked dry. I received great curl formation, a little too much volume, and my naturally hair color was at least three shades lighter (my hair looks black, but today it looked light brown). I've noticed this this past week. Is there anykind of 'Intense Moisture' product (Leave-In Conditioner, or Product) that might work? Plus maybe help with shine?

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    You should try DevaCare OneC or the weekly DT from Jessicurl. Both of them are very conditioning. You could also try DevaBrown OneC, that might help your hair go back to it's darker color.

    You said that you recently finished your shampoo, do you plan to go CG? That would also help to not leave your hair so dry. Whatever you choose, I hope that you try one of the conditioners, and that it works for you.
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    What products are you using now?

    I 2nd Jessicurl!
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