How should I have it cut?

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It's now summer season for my hair, and I'm using B&A gel. I've noticed that my hair hasn't been as curly lately. Currently, the back is bra strap length when wet, and isn't boinging up as much as usual. :( I'm going to have my hair cut on Friday, and I'm torn between having just a trim and general re-shape, or having it more heavily layered. If I have layers in, I could get more curl. On the other hand, I could end up with loose limp annoying canopy waves. Or should I just have lots of layers at the back? It's really difficult to know what to do. I love Shakira's hair and would love for mine to look like that. I just know that at the moment, it's not looking so great. I think the weight of it is pulling it all down. I like root volume, and I haven't had much of that recently.

Any suggestions?

Thanks. :D


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    Me personally, I dread the layering because I end up with, not big hair, but HUGE hair! Sort of like a chaka khan 3a/b. So, I am generally fearful of it....but then, that's just me. I guess it just depends on how your hair reacts to it.

    The girl I went to, Cynthia, (Christopher James Salon, St. Petersburg, FL), did a dry "layering" which is actually more of a sectioning of big curl chunks, then cutting a portion of it a bit shorter, to give some volume and more curl. She did a great job and I look forward to seeing her again when I can. My hubby says my hair has never looked better! :D
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    Thanks. :D I don't mind big hair, but it's got to be in a nice shape, and can't be a frizz ball or the horrible mono waves I sometimes get. It's difficult to know what to do for the best.
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    Mip, how did the cut turn out?
    I've been thinking about something different for the last 2 years, but always get just a trim.
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    I had it cut yesterday, but I don't know what it looks like yet because I couldn't be bothered to style it afterwards. :lol: It's currently in a fuzzy bun. The day before I had my hair cut, I discovered that the cause of my stringy, less curly, frizzy mop was too much B&A gel. I haven't used the gel since last September, so I must have forgotten that I don't need to use much. So, on Thursday night I styled with much less gel, and on Friday my hair looked great all day. :D With that in mind, I didn't want to chance a major hair cut. I still think the back of my hair could look more defined and be curlier, but I think I need to practice a bit more with B&A gel and techniques before I involve a pair of scissors.
    So, I ended up having a trim at the sides, about an inch off the back, and a general reshape.