Thyroid issues

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After watching Oprah, I started thinking about it again,and I am SURE I have a low thyroid!

I have had tests that keep coming back in the "normal" range but I know I am supposed to be asking for some other kind of test.
Can someone help me out?

Here are my symptoms:
weight gain-no matter what I eat or do to work out.
DRY skin
low temp(found this out when I was sick last week-I kept taking my temp and it was in the 96 range)
no appetite
heavy periods(when I have them)

I know it's tied to the perimenopause thing.
It certainly got worse when I stopped having periods regularly(I have had 2 in the past 6 mo)
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    I have been, over the course of my life, both hypo and hyper thyroid at times. Certain thyroid abnormalities will NOT show up in routine thyroid blood workups. Mine never did; you need to goto an endocronologist who can order specific testing.

    And, FYI, the thyroid is involved in the regulation of SO MUCH of the bodies function, you'd be amazed! Also, it also does sound VERY Peri to me; welcome:(:coffee:
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    I'm not a doctor. I do have medical thyroid problems. 50% of my thyroid was destroyed by inflammation in November 2004.

    There are at least 2 blood tests you'll need, and I'm sure an endocrinologist or cardiologist will order them for you: TSH level and Free T4 level.

    I currently take a thyroid prescription: natural thyroid containing both T3 & T4. It's the generic version of Armour Thyroid.

    I previously took Synthroid (levothyroxine), a generic T4 replacement. Because our bodies convert a portion of T4 into T3, many endocrinologists prescribe only a T4 replacement. This works fine for some people. It worked fine for me and then it stopped working for me. I had to change doctor's in order to be heard and have my prescription changed.

    My suggestion: Get seen by an endocrinologist or other specialist (internal medicine & cardiology are good) that is willing to prescribe a wide range of thyroid medications- both synthetics & non-synthetics - If your endocrinologist tells you that a synthetic, T4 replacement is just as good as a non-synthetic T3 & T4 replacement- politely move-on, don't return.

    The process may cost you time & money, but its WAY BETTER than the alternative; costing you your health and your welfare.

    The thyroid is complex, it's hormonal signals impact nearly every cellular process in the body (from brain chemistry to digestion). Furthermore, every person's body responds differently to the different medications; and that changes with time.

    Synthroid worked for me until it didn't anymore - and I'm not lazy about lifestyle, food or exercise; something in my body was changing.

    I keep a chart on my google docs of every blood test result and any corresponding dosage/medication changes. (A strong tool to have when you have to meet with your doctor(s).)

    Good Luck with your quest to healing.
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  • BrioBrio Registered Users Posts: 1,432 has a really good thyroid section. I'd check it out.
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    I currently take Synthriod and Cytomel. They address t3 and t4. Any body have any comments on them?
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    I forgot to add that my mom takes Synthroid -it is the only drug she takes and she is 84!
    Anyway-I have read that there may be a hereditary link?
    "what's so funny 'bout peace, love and understanding?"

    "If you judge people,you have no time to love them"
    -Mother Theresa
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    My dad and I (and many other members of our extended family) take synthroid.

    One of my pet peeves is that "normal ranges" don't necessarily mean squat. I went thru 3 doctors over a 2 year period telling me my numbers were "normal" even tho I kept telling them that I KNEW there was something growing in there and things weren't "normal". A lo and behold I had to have surgery to remove growths instead of possible being able to treat it with meds if they had listened to me earlier.

    And I know it's a generalization but everyone is different and different drugs work or don't work for everyone. And our own reactions to drugs can change as time goes on. So it really is trial and error. It can be a real pain but that's the way it is unfortunately.
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    After the birth of my third daughter @ age 39 my entire body was out of balance. This went on for about 4 years. My thyroid tests kept coming back low normal. The endocrinologist didn't see a need to treat. My wholistic nurse parctioner gave me some herbs. They didn't help. Eventually I was an exhausted mess. Upon re-testing, I was diagnosed with Hasimoto's thyroiditis.

    I wish someone would have treated me sooner. The thyroid is critically important to your overall health. I could have felt a lot better a lot sooner.

    My nurse practitioner prescribed Armour Thyroid since it addresses both T3 and T4. The endocrinologist I saw later was surprised at my good results with the Armour. He only prescribes synthetic thyroid. The Armour worked right away for me. I know some people have to experiment with different amounts and forms before they get it right.
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    Hi there,

    Thyroid issues are defiantly hereditary. I have hypothyroid, my father has it and my sister has it. My grandmother was hyperthyroid.

    I've been dealing with this for many years, and am on my third doctor. What I suggest for you is:

    Find a specialist who will listen to you. (easier said than done sometimes, I know). Personally I feel the blood tests aren't worth beans when dealing with thyroid issues. Thank goodness my current doc agrees that my symptoms and family history count as much if not more than the blood tests. Awhile back the thyroid test numbers were changed, you are now considered "hypothyroid" more easily than it used to be-BUT not all of the labs have caught on and are using the new scale. It depends on what scale your lab is using. Normal varies from lab to lab.

    Get the book-"Living Well with Hypothroidism, what your doctor doesn't tell you that you need to know" by Mary J. Shomon. This is a terrific book, chock full of information, is easy to read and well organized.

    Personally I have found that "Armour Thyroid" which is natural, not synthetic like "Synthroid" works soooo much better. It's like night and day difference for me. My father and sister take Synthroid with no problems, but for me I much prefer Armour Thyroid.

    For me my symptoms include: hair falling out at a more than normal rate (thank goodness I have lots of it), cold hands and feet, difficulty losing weight, fatigue, clinical depression (gets worse if I'm not taking my Armour thyroid), and dry hair. I also feel the cold outside more than other members of my family. In other words I'm usually freezing during the winter whereas DH and DS walk around the house in T-shirts I'm always wearing a fleece.

    I was complaining to my former doc (who refused to put me on Armour Thyroid) that my hands were always freezing and she actually said, "Are they turning blue yet?" with a totally serious face. She thought if they weren't turning blue than no problem. I am now seeing a wonderful doctor at Johns Hopkins who is Chinese with a powerful accent, but we just smile and somehow manage to understand each other. I wish you the best of luck finding a new doctor. Take care of yourself,

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    I've been taking levothyroxine (generic synthroid) for almost 5 months now. Although I feel a little better (not as depressed, maybe less tired?) I have gained about 10-15 pounds. WTH?! Most people lose weight when they start meds. :(

    My mom and aunt were hypothyroid, my older sister was diagnosed about a year ago. A few of my maternal cousins take synthroid as well.

    I guess I need to go back to my doctor. She's in internal meds. She's the first one to listen to me about my symptoms. But I'm not sure which tests she did exactly.
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    I'm beginning to think I have thyroid problems myself. Trying to lose some weight and it seems like tough going. During my last physical my doctor tested my thyroid but typical of his office, I've yet to find out the results. I switched to this office about 2 years ago and am seriously thinking about going back to the practice I was at before then. I've just not been happy with them getting info to me.
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