My first Diva Cut in Chicago

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I went to Cally at Toujours today. She did a GREAT job! It is a little shorter than I had hoped for, but my ends were in SUCH bad shape, that I think she had no choice but to go shorter.

It is weird to get your hair cut dry! But I totally see why it makes sense to do it! She could really tailor where she cuts to make sure it lays right.

So, I recommend her highly!

Kara in Chicago
Figuring out this CG stuff... sort of!
Big Chop on 10-14-09!! Donating hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. Hope that someone likes my curly hair as much as I do!
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    What type hair do you have? How did she have you wear it that day (i.e., did she say to have no product in it, or style as usual?)

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    Your hair looks good short. Have you noticed more hair loss when you use deva curl products

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