Any Deva stylists in Delaware?

Hello all! I'm just starting the whole CG process, and it's not working as well as I'd hoped. But I'm pretty sure it's because I need a good hair cut. It hasn't been cut since May! So I really want to find a good stylist to start this journey off properly! I saw that there is a stylist in Hockessin, I think her name was Marie, and I was curious if anyone has gone to her. Or maybe someone knows of another stylist in the state. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know!


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    I'm looking for a stylist too. I've only recently realized that my hair is VERY wavy--bordering on curly. I was so used to blow drying it that I never realized that the waves would stay if I left them alone. I love my waves/curls but really need a haircut that works with them. I look forward to hearing any recommendations for stylists in Delaware, or even over the border in MD or PA.

    I did look at the salon recommendations here on the site, but most are two years old. You can also search salons by zipcode at They mention several that are not mentioned here. Again I would prefer hearing from someone who has had their hair cut by someone recently.


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