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Can someone direct me to more information about OCM? I stumbled across the term last night while reading posts about using honey with conditioner. I've read thru the posts on this forum, but didn't see anything that really explains it.

I've always had extremely oily skin, so if using oil on it might help, I want to learn more!



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    I'm a 3b, with 3c underneath.
    I'm a product junkie. <3
  • curly_katcurly_kat Posts: 11Registered Users
    Thanks Jenn!
  • curlyjenncurlyjenn Posts: 590Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    You are welcome!
    I'm a 3b, with 3c underneath.
    I'm a product junkie. <3
  • ScarletScarlet Posts: 3,125Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Have you tried it? To me, it sounds like a recipe for clogged pores. Does it really work?
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    I've tried it! It broke me SO much and never started clearing up in the month I used it. I switched to Acne.org's Regimen and have been clear ever since! :D

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    There are a couple longer nc.com threads about it here and here.

    I did it about a year. I was generally pretty happy with it, but ultimately my skin looks its very best with Sage Skin Care. It's $$$ but I finally decided to go back to it.

    I didn't have breakouts with OCM, it's just that Sage minimizes my pores and makes my skin super even toned and gives it this fabulous glow. It's just wonderful stuff.

    I was also doing aspirin masks while I did OCM. I still do those, along with Sage. They are amazing and one of the top reasons I absolutely love this board, because I learned about them here.

    Here's an nc.com thread on them.
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    I started using new products and new routines for my face about a month ago, including OCM.
    I've never really had acne, but I have sun damage, deep forehead creases, large pores, blackheads, occasional cysts, and scars from chicken pox and impetigo. I don't expect any miracles. I just would like to keep my skin clean and moisturized without using harsh ingredients.

    First I massage my face with a mixture of castor oil and jojoba oil.
    Then I wash off the oil with black soap.
    A couple times a week I use baking soda mixed with water as a face scrub.
    Then I use a new moisturizer I got on ebay - a great smelling product with shea butter, olive oil, vit. E, etc.

    I really like my gentle new products and enjoy using them. And my face seems quite happy with them. No breakouts, cysts, redness, or irritation. And to top it all off everything is pretty inexpensive.
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