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Hello UK curlies!

I thought it might be a good idea to have a thread where we can review stylists in different parts of the UK, to help other users.

Sorry if this has already been done before!

For anyone in the west of England, I can recommend Hobbs on Park Row in Bristol. They're really nice there and not as expensive as somewhere like Toni & Guy. I had my hair cut by Neil, who's done my hair several times now. In the past he's always styled it straight but this time I said I wanted to go curly. I didn't explain about CG friendly products or anything as I thought I'd rather just let him concentrate on the cut for the time being. He cut it wet and then styled it by twisting sections and using a diffuser. It's much curlier now than it was before! It would have cost about £35 but I'm a student and so got a discount.



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    this is a fantastic idea! why is no-one joining in? I need advice for north west UK (bolton, preston, lancaster) as my stylist has gone awol

    any help?
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    hahgiwoofa wrote: »
    this is a fantastic idea! why is no-one joining in? I need advice for north west UK (bolton, preston, lancaster) as my stylist has gone awol

    any help?

    I'd love to join in but i don't know of any good stylists! I had a good hairdresser for a while but then she left the area and i've been struggling to find a good alternative since then. So if anyone knows a good stylist in oxfordshire or central london even, please let me know.
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    I desperately need advice of stylists/salons in/around Southampton and Hampshire generally....happy to travel a bit further.

    Parents live in Bristol so Hobbs sounds interesting..hiw did Neil cut your hair and what products did he use? were they CG?

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    I've just done a review of the place in Norwich I visited yesterday. Probably a bit out of the way for you, but if you have family out here, might be worth it. :-)
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    I'm moving to Lincoln in September and just wondered if anyone knows of any good stylists based there?

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    Oh I've seen hobbs, isn't that on the top of park street?? I might try there!! (If I ever get my hair cut) Any good places in London??
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    Hi everyone

    I'm a London newbie - pre CG - just collecting the necessary products at the mo!

    Thanks fuzzyduck for starting this thread :smile:

    I have been going to Unruly studios in Portobello road for 18 months now - I see Michael Price, the salon Director for cut and Christopher for colour. Michael is great with curly hair - he has a good understanding of cutting and drying techniques. Not CG - so you would need to take your own products etc. But they don't towel dry hair and they refresh rinse after cutting so hair is sopping wet before adding styling products etc. I was talking to Michael about starting CG myself - he knows about the regime - they have Lorraine Massey's book in the salon - so it would be no problem if you brought your own products to the salon.

    check out this site if you would like to look at reviews of the salon:

    Hope that helps :compress:
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    Do any UK curlies know of anywhere in Scotland - I could really do with a cut but am petrified!
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    McIntyre's in Dundee is good. They have two salons but I went to the one on Perth Road. Only been the once but got a great layered cut and will be booking another appointment next week!
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    Hey UK Curlies! :)

    Okay, so if you're in Southampton, there's a place in Hedge End. Err....Lucia's Salon on Tanhouse Lane.
    When you get there, ask for Tammy, Kim or Sarah (* ask for Kim or Sarah if Tammy's not there). Tammy says that Kim and Sarah are just as good as her, but Tammy's the one recommended. Tammy has 2 curly haired daughters that she takes care of so, she has experience with working with naturally curly hair.

    I haven't been there, but I know someone (curly haired) who has and she recommended it.

    HTH :)
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