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I have thinning hair due to my PCOS. I was instructed to get it cut short in a trendy bob just shy of the chin to make it look fuller and less noticable. But now I hate it. want to have it reshaped and start over by letting it grow out to its fullest even if its going to be a bit thin. This current style calls for me to blow it out smooth day in and day out. Frankly its damaging my hair and I know it. I want it to grow out and allow my curls the power to rule. But I cant find any place online that shows you great ideas for styles for women with thinning or thin hair. All I find is women with stick bone straight hair and I dont have that luxury. Im a profound curly girl and my 2b curls wont allow me to wear those smooth looks. I find tons of styles for the gals with loads of hair or thick lush curls but how about us folicle lacking gals..we want to look just as good but cant find anyone willing to give us ideas. I hate the idea Im stuck wearing it short till Im old an grey "just because"....can anyone direct me to a web site that caters to us thin on top gals?...


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    i have struggled a lot with this as well. I have the same exact problem, where the only way my hair looks like anything is if it is straight, which only makes the thin curls worse!

    SO - something I often do is a "fake" half-up/half-down 'do.... pull a tiny section back right in the middle (like you are doing half-up/half-down, but only pulling a small section, and only from the middle), and secure it with 2 bobby pins, one overlapping the other in an "x" -shape.

    Once it is pulled back, i will sometimes curl the sides to the left and the right to give it the appearance of volume.

    Hope that helps!!!
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    I have the same problem, glad I'm not alone in this. All the curlies seem to have this thick, lush head.

    Mine also grows flat on top too which makes it worse.

    I'm new to this site and going to try the co-conditioner routine they suggest. What products do you recommend that work for us?
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    I wear my hair up most of the time. Well, when I'm not wearing it wavy/straight, which is how it naturally looks in the dryer months.

    I do ballet buns using a scrunchie in the center to make it more full. You can do it with a sock too, just cut the toe part off and roll it up like a donut. Put your hair into a ponytail, then slide the donut over it and then pin around it. (of course the sock should match your hair) or there are little bun forms you can buy at places like Sallys.

    I like mine a little messy also to give it some more volume, so I don't pull it super-tight, and I let some curls sproing out of it too.

    this works for me to hide my worst spot, the top of my head at the back. where guys go bald first, that is where I have lost the most hair.
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    I was told to get a short cut w/ layers because it would make my hair appear to be thicker. Whomp whomp, my hair did not look fuller at all. And my hair doesn't stay straight for long so I would have to constantly straighten it otherwise it didn't look right at all.

    While that was growing out, I discovered clip-ins which I used to add volume and cover up my bald spots.
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    I also have PCOS and while I was still relaxing, my hair was breaking and thinning all over the place. It's the reason I decided to go natural. What I started doing was roller setting the middle of my hair (which was where I was losing the most hair) and leaving the rest flat while drying. It made the area look a little fuller. It was cut into a chin length bob and that worked out pretty well in and of itself. The funny thing is that being natural and using all these natural products has made my hair the thickest it's ever been. My doctor even made a comment about it at my last appointment.
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    I have the same problem. I have very thin hair and when it's wet I look like I'm balding. UGH!

    My root hair is bone straight and it hates products.

    Last night I tried letting it dry with small clips in my hair and it did nothing!

    Short hair on me will just not do. Not only do I look awful with short hair it doesn't solve any of my problems.

    As far as people doing like zig-zagging or X patterns... I'm a hair styling goober and even with the instructions I'm clueless. How about pics or video links anyone? LOL
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