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I have taken DS for Santa pictures every year, and every year I expect him to cry, scream or melt-down. The first time I took him, he wasn't even 3 months old. He didn't cry, but he kept turning himself to see me. The second time I took him to see Santa was the very same day I took him for his first haircut. He just sat on Santa's lap like it was no big deal. I thought for sure this would be the year that DS would cry or be shy. Nope. When it was his turn, without help from me, he just marched up to Santa and got in his lap. No fuss. No tears. After a few pictures were taken, Santa had a little chat with DS about smiling. While DS looked up at him intently, Santa told him that "if you smile, ice cream winds up in your mouth, but if you don't, it winds up down your chin." After a few more pictures, Santa gave DS a Sun-Rype Fruit Snack and sent him on his way. Here is DS with our favourite Santa

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    I can't see it!
    3 something
    fotki pw: sunday
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    I couldn't see it before, but now I can! :)

    Very cute!
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    Awww, he was totally a big boy with Santa! Too cute!

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