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Help!!.. im afraid i wont curl again :(

curlynomorecurlynomore Posts: 2Registered Users
Hi All... i am new to this site and am so excited that there are so many of us out there going through the same hair issues...
my story goes like this... i am naturally about a 3b/c, mulatta/hispanic .. about 3 years ago i had had enough of my (beautiful) curly hair so decided to do the perm.. i was very excited and loved the results as my hair wasnt very course so it looked shiny and healthy and oh soooo long!!.. so anyway, in order to keep it looking good i bought myself a flat iron to touch up the roots as they started to grow out because i had no plans of perming again... the problem was that i just carried on flat ironing it on an embarrassingly regular basis... the ends started to die and shed away with every brush and wash etc, so i decided to go for the bob cut (about a year ago).. then of course as i kept styling it with the iron the ends started to become very damaged again etc... it is now just sitting on my shoulders and not growing anymore due to breakage so i have finally decided no more heat for my hair, i miss my natural curls very much so i will go for the BC... one of my biggest concerns is that my hair wont curl the way it used to and the only reason i say that is that when i wash my hair and let i dry naturally it just puffs up in some spots and is COMPLETELY straight in others even though i have chopped off the perm ages ago... i assume that the constant iron on my hair has changed the texture of only the hair ive been using the iron on????.. i dont know, anyway.. i hope someone out there can help me out, maybe you've had the same experience with your hair???... i really hope i curl again, i am extremely sad to think that i may have lost my curls for good!


  • jersey24jersey24 Posts: 19Registered Users
    Hey, I'm new to the site too, and I posted a similar problem. It's heat damage if your hair is puffy/straight/ not curly. I'm just deep conditioning every three days and doing regular trims until the damage is grown out. Are your roots curly?
  • curlynomorecurlynomore Posts: 2Registered Users
    well the thing is that my roots dont seem to be curly anymore... my hair is coming through quite straight and is slightly wavy half way down and dead straight on the tips... its really wierd.. although i have no hair that has not been touched by the iron as i flat iron my hair almost everyday (i know thats terrible).. i really think the iron is to blame but im not sure...
  • rockthecurlzrockthecurlz Posts: 910Registered Users
    I'm transitioning also, although I'm not having this problem. The only part of my hair that is not curling is the relaxed ends and I use my iron ALOT right not. I read somewhere on here that some people experience the hair not growing back as curly AT FIRST because of the hair coming in could still be effected by the relaxers. Give it some TLC and time, I think you will start to notice a difference :)
  • curlymaybecurlymaybe Posts: 354Registered Users
    It's really hard to tell what your curly hair will look like while you still have relaxed or heat-damaged ends. My hair now looks nothing like it did during my transition or even right after I big chopped. It has much better curl definition now. Also, your products can make a HUGE difference. Silicones, sulfates, and mineral oil derivatives can affect curl pattern by interfering with your hair's moisture levels.
    I agree with jersey24 that regular DTs and trims will help your hair. As it becomes more conditioned, you should see more curl. In the meantime, there are lots of ways to style your hair without heat that will give you a curly look. This forum has a lot of good information, as do the 3-/4- type subforums. HTH.
    Hair loves: aloe vera juice, cocoa butter, camellia oil

    "Never forget, justice is what love looks like in public." ~ Cornel West
  • curlissimacurlissima Posts: 51Registered Users
    heat damage is the reason i've started my transition to natural.

    i used to texturize my hair and wear it curly. i had been doing it for about 5 years, and liked the results.
    then, one weekend, i used my ceramic iron and decided to go straight for a couple of days. on monday, when i washed my hair, it was this straw-like mess.
    didn't curl, and hasn't since. this was in july...
    the upside? it has forced me to go natural. i could texturize the new hair, but what's the point? it'll still look like two different textures.
  • lyjg0115lyjg0115 Posts: 2Registered Users
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