How many mommies have spirited babies/toddlers?



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    in the article she says that a spirited child will exhibit many of those characteristics. Also, IMO if you're not sure then the kid likely isn't or may be spunky. Parents of spirited children will read that list and have an aha! moment along with a large sigh of relief. It's definitely one of those you'll-know things.

    thats EXACTLY how it was for me. i read that list and it was a totall aha moment. and it was well before majerle entered toddlerhood. from what ive heard about her father as a child (and what i see as an adult) he is spirited as well. his mother has described him as "over the top." interestingly enough, he is the youngest of his siblings.
    having worked in childcare and studying child development, there is an obvious difference between the regular "terrible twos" and a spirited child.
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    toddlerhood throws you for a loop but I could tell Ian was a bit different before then re: intensity. While all the kids at playgroup would just jump right in to play at 18 months old Ian would sit on my lap and hold onto me for dear life while he absorbed everything around him. Then invariably I'd get a comment like, "boy he sure is quiet". I always told the person, give him 30 minutes - then sure enough he was doing laps around the room like a tasmanian devil. LOL. He also never did crowds well so we adjusted to that. I had to pick and choose outings in order not to set him up for an overwhelming windup.
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    Nope, not really. Danae is very curious and energetic, and she has her share of "toddler moments" but by and large, she's a pretty easy to get along with. She is a tinge stubborn, but no more than any other kid her fact, she may be less so. The only real battle we fight is with sleep, but that's nothing new.
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